Door-to-Doctor Time As An Important Metric For Eye Care Clinics

A perennial KPI for Emergency Departments all over the world, Door-to-Doctor time (D2D) is increasingly being used in eye care clinics as a reliable metric for determining overall efficiency. D2D is the length of time it takes for a patient to see the doctor after arriving at the clinic and can give you valuable insights […]


Illinois Eye Center Views Data Through A New Lens For A Better Patient Experience

Illinois Eye Center comprises three eye care clinics located in Peoria, Washington, and Pekin, Illinois, and provides patient-centered access to the most comprehensive multi-specialty team, integrated diagnostics, and advanced therapeutic technologies in the region. Fourteen ophthalmologists and nine optometrists offer a variety of specialties including glaucoma, retinal disease, refractive, neuro-ophthalmology, oculoplastics, and corneal disease, in […]


How LEAN Six Sigma Principles Are Improving Eye Care

Hyperfocus on patient–provider interactions can uncover significant opportunities for improvement September 2023 – Modern Optometry The evolution of LSS as a management philosophy originated in companies such as Motorola, Toyota, and General Electric. This philosophy combined the LSS approach to quality control in manufacturing, which relied on recording data to identify potential process flaws, and […]


Ophthalmic Professional Article Highlights Visual Clinic’s Efficiency

Massachusetts Eye Research & Surgery Institution’s retina staff doesn’t waste time, thanks to these eight action steps. September 2023 – Ophthalmic Professional


Increasing Efficiency and Profitability in Eye Care Clinics

Use LEAN Six Sigma principles to improve performance September 2023 – Ophthalmology Management While the term LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) may sound like complicated business school jargon, the principles behind it are relatively straightforward and when applied to eye care clinics, can have a significant effect on direct patient care. Dennis McCafferty for Ophthalmology Management


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