Chico Eye Center Sees Measurable Improvements with Visual Clinic

Voted “Best of Chico” since 2009, Chico Eye Center is located about two hours north of Sacramento and has been serving local residents and the surrounding community for more than 40 years. In addition to routine eye care, Chico prides itself on providing a range of specialties and subspecialties to serve patients who would otherwise […]


Seeing is Believing: How Visual Clinic Helps New England College of Optometry Improve the Patient and Teaching Experience

Founded in 1894, The New England College of Optometry  (NECO) is a private, nonprofit, and internationally recognized optometry school whose purpose is integrating innovative education with early and diverse clinical experiences to prepare today’s optometrists for tomorrow’s optometry. The college graduates 128 students annually for careers in optometry and its clinical network examines approximately 90,000 […]


Ophthalmology Management Interviews Dennis McCafferty on LEAN Six Sigma in Eye Care

Dennis McCafferty, owner of Visual Clinic, has been featured in an insightful video interview conducted by Ophthalmology Management. The focus of this engaging discussion is the practical application and benefits of LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) in the realm of eye care. Titled “Increase Efficiency and Profitability in Your Clinic,” the interview sees Dennis McCafferty unraveling […]


Visualize Student Progress & Optimize Clinic Efficiency

Visual Clinic® is an automated tracking platform that uses electronic health records and proprietary software to efficiently and consistently monitor both patient status changes and student performance in an easy-to-use, powerful, and customizable solution for optometry colleges of all sizes.  


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