Top 5 Causes of Excessive Wait in Eye Care Clinics

Waiting. It’s the bane of patients everywhere and represents the largest opportunity cost for eye care clinics in terms of reaching full clinic capacity, revenue, and profitability.  When patients wait, they are not getting the value we promised them: they have come to see the doctor, not memorize the waiting room decor. Our value lies […]


Timing is Everything: Understanding Takt Time to Reduce Door-to-Doctor Time

As we pointed out in our article on using Lean Six Sigma principles to improve efficiencies in eye care clinics, patients come to your clinic for one thing: to be seen by a doctor. In other words, the “value” of your clinic, from the patient’s perspective, is only the time spent in direct care with […]


Capacity vs. Capability: What’s the Difference?

In our experience, the goal of every eye care clinic we work with is to see as many patients as possible without compromising patient care, the overall patient experience, or provider and staff satisfaction. Ideally, appointments would be scheduled so that each patient flows through the system smoothly without encountering bottlenecks, technicians work at peak […]


Door-to-Doctor Time As An Important Metric For Eye Care Clinics

A perennial KPI for Emergency Departments all over the world, Door-to-Doctor time (D2D) is increasingly being used in eye care clinics as a reliable metric for determining overall efficiency. D2D is the length of time it takes for a patient to see the doctor after arriving at the clinic and can give you valuable insights […]


Visualize Student Progress & Optimize Clinic Efficiency

Visual Clinic® is an automated tracking platform that uses electronic health records and proprietary software to efficiently and consistently monitor both patient status changes and student performance in an easy-to-use, powerful, and customizable solution for optometry colleges of all sizes.  


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