Visual Clinic and Compulink’s Strategic Partnership helps practices see More patients with Less stress.

Can a Compulink practice be more productive, yet less “busy”? 

The answer is Yes, with Visual Clinic. Everyone knows where to be and what to do at every moment while collecting analytical data for process improvement.

Visual Clinic patient workflow software works flawlessly with Compulink’s practice management system. As a Compulink strategic partner Visual Clinic has a custom API interface that syncs appointment information.

No extra costly interface expenses or effort required for Compulink users.

How does Visual Clinic help you improve Compulink users patient flow?

Visual Clinic immediately begins improving productivity, expanding practice capacity, and enhancing patient, provider, and staff satisfaction. We work with you and your team to create exact intuitive, interactive screens of your practice facility layout and flow.  These screens track the location, progress, and needs of every patient. Visual Clinic shows the caregiver what rooms or equipment are available and where to take the patient.

Hand-offs are effortlessly communicated with a simple swipe of your finger from the patient’s initial check-in at the front desk to check-out.

How do Compulink providers, staff and patients benefit?

You have active 360 Degree Control of all patient flow for your clinical team, providers and managers through the use of visual management displays and communications customized to your clinic layout and the way you care for patients. Great communication means a better patient experience and less stress for staff and providers.

15-20% improvement in on-time visits performance within 6 weeks. Compulink user experience significant increases in their ability to see additional patients. They will also receive compliments from patients on their visit experience.

Real-time workflow process data help your practice optimize provider schedules, staff workflows, and maximize revenue. Goodbye bottlenecks… Hello business opportunities?

What is the Visual Clinic software subscription cost?

Minimal monthly subscription fee of $599.00 for your practice location. Enterprise pricing for multiple locations.

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