Real-Time Patient Flow and Practice Improvement Data

VC-Data-AnalysisVisual Clinic’s patient flow monitoring tools are completely adaptable. They can be customized and modified by any practice to suit its specific needs. Health care providers can set “standard” processing criteria, mapping out their ideal workflow and target times for each step in a patient’s visit. Visual Clinic records all current information passing through the system, automatically measures and computes performance statistics, and compares day-to-day activity with the standards set for the practice. Clinicians can review this data to locate and eliminate delays and bottlenecks, balance process steps for better time use, and simulate potential process changes.

Visual Clinic can identify patient flow performance trends based on adjustable key measures, allowing caregivers to view snapshots of activity that meets particular criteria. The solution also includes a replay feature for group review and staff training. Information regarding any patient for any date or range of dates can be viewed after the fact, helping identify process improvements and reward teamwork. In addition, Visual Clinic’s support staff can provide quarterly analysis reports on patient flow data uploaded to the system, giving expert advice on optimizing performance and overcoming bottlenecks and costly delays.