Frequently-Asked Questions

Generally speaking, we can have your application complete in a single day because the software is browser-based. Set-up is a relatively simple process.

The Visual Clinic application is cloud hosted. There are no IT system changes required. We link directly with your practice management or EHR software for basic appointment information.

Visual Clinic works for every practice, no matter the size or number of locations. The system is fully integrative and interactive, so it can be customized to any kind of staff network, procedure, or management model to optimize performance throughout the caregiving process. Visual Clinic is economical for a single provider but can be easily scaled to a large group practice or hospital setting.

Most EMR programs include a patient tracker. However, each step in the patient process must be updated manually with little visibility into the status of patients, exam rooms, and caregivers at specific times. Visual Clinic creates a real-time visual workplace, keeping the information constantly visible and up-to-date so physicians and staff can respond quickly.

Visual Clinic is very intuitive and user-friendly. We’ll provide remote training or on-site support to walk your team through all of the features and functionalities. But your team will most likely feel totally comfortable with the system within a few days.

Our support team is on-call six days a week and response to all requests. You can contact them at or contact us at (978) 490 – 3505. After hours, please contact us here.

Yes. With just minimal access to the patient identification and appointment information for process tracking, Visual Clinic will integrate seamlessly with your existing EHR program.

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