Find Answers to Frequently Asked Patient Flow Questions

Patient flow logistics is often a medical practice’s number one healthcare headache. Here are the common questions people ask about Visual Clinic. We cannot wait to help you create a more efficient practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is an industry-proven set of management techniques originating in the manufacturing field. Lean focuses on eliminating wasted resource in production, and Six Sigma on identifying and removing causes of defects. Together, Lean Six Sigma applications target seven types of waste (called MUDA): defects, transportation, wait time, inventory, motion, over-production, and over-processing.

Lean Six Sigma is rapidly gaining acceptance in the healthcare industry because it offers tremendous opportunity to improve operating profits and mitigate the negative impacts of reimbursement cuts. Lean applications can be easily translated to any hospital or medical practice setting, eliminating bottlenecks and delays; better utilizing operating time; increasing capacity and sustainability; avoiding errors or redundancies; reducing operating costs; improving patient and employee satisfaction; and continuously improving workflow management.

2Does Visual Clinic™’s software have to be installed on my server?
No. The Visual Clinic system is a self-contained program on its own dedicated computer, which only needs to be added to your facility’s network. No other IT changes are needed.
3Will Visual Clinic software integrate with our existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) program?
Yes. With just minimal access to the patient identification and appointment information for process tracking, Visual Clinic will integrate seamlessly to your EHR program.
4How does Visual Clinic differ from the patient tracker in my Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software?
Most EMR programs include a patient tracker. However, each step in the patient process must be updated manually, and the status of patients, exam rooms, and caregivers at specific times can be difficult to determine. Visual Clinic creates a real-time visual workplace, keeping information constantly visible and up-to-date, so that physicians and staff can respond quickly and make good decisions
5How long does it take to install Visual Clinic’s system in an existing office?
A typical installation is completed in one day. Visual Clinic uses wireless communications between devices, so installation and setup are both quick and easy.
6Is Visual Clinic difficult to learn and implement in an existing practice?
Not at all! Visual Clinic is easy to put into practice, and intuitive to learn. We’ll provide on-site training to familiarize users with the system features, and its powerful visualization and notification tools. Within a few days, your staff will be fully trained and experiencing the benefits of the system.
7Does Visual Clinic provide technical or troubleshooting assistance?
Yes. You can call us at 978-490-3505, or use the Contact email form on our website.
8Are there different versions of Visual Clinic for small or independent practices?
Visual Clinic is adaptable to any size practice! The system is fully integrative and interactive, so it can be customized to any kind of staff network, procedure, or management model to optimize performance throughout the caregiving process. Visual Clinic is economical for a single provider, yet easily scaled to a large group practice or hospital setting.