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We help eye care practices maximize their potential by:

  • Maximizing their existing capacity and resources
  • Growing top-line revenue
  • Increasing operating margins 

Visual Clinic is designed to help you process data in order to increase patient volume and improve patient experiences. It’s a modern workflow solution that gives you real-time patient flow visualization and smart-logic patient queueing. Combined with staff-to-staff communication about patient needs, Visual Clinic creates a tightly connected and more responsive care team. 

The comprehensive data from our flow management feature then guides your practice on how to adjust workflows, scheduling, and resourcing to achieve continuous improvement. Our proprietary, engineered data tools enable any practice, regardless of size or business sophistication, to become a high performing, highly profitable operation. 

Our cloud-based, EHR-integrated platform scales in a manner that supports small practices at a low variable cost, as well as large multi-site practices that have enterprise-level management needs.

Our Leadership Team


Dennis McCafferty,



Rick Lunetta

Vice President of Technology


Dwayne Baharozian,

Medical Director, Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon

We Understand Your Needs

The founders of Visual Clinic have extensive experience in eye care and have experienced the pain points of practice management firsthand. We believed there had to be a better way to keep patients happy, doctors busy, and practices running efficiently. 

When we realized no one had created the “better way” yet, we decided to do it ourselves. And so, Visual Clinic was born.

Today, our team continues to optimize current processes and innovate new ones to streamline patient management and create better patient experiences.

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