Improve Your Patient Flow and Efficiency

Visual Clinic is a lean balanced workflow software solution that delivers breakthrough improvements in balancing practice flow, patient experience, and staff quality of life.

Visual Clinic allows caregivers to track patient status, monitor exam progress, check availability of exam rooms and equipment, and locate available caregivers. Through easy-to-read powerful visual management displays, smart patient queuing, and staff alerts, practices can now achieve a level of balanced workflow coordination and efficiency that will separate them as exceptional in a demanding market.

Visual Clinic Benefits:

• 360 Degree Control of all patient flow for your clinical team, providers and managers through the use of visual management displays and communications customized to your  clinic/asc/optical layout and the way you care for patients.

• Accountability and proactive management of all practices resources and performance.

• Optimization of provider schedules, staff workflows, and revenue by following intuitive Visual Clinic data analytics to remove bottlenecks and highlight opportunities.

• 15-20% improvement in on-time visits performance within 6 weeks.

• Minimal software subscription cost per month.

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