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Visual Clinic

LEAN Flow Management

Visual Clinic helps your practice run more efficiently while providing a better overall client experience. Our entire system is based on our LEAN operations management model, which encourages staff to engage in practice-wide problem-solving.

Through collaboration, communication, and total process transparency, you can easily set and achieve goals for practice growth. Visual Clinic empowers you to see more patients in a day without overloading your staff or facilities.

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Total Capture

Optimize Your Optical Sales Floor

Total Capture is a sales tool that works alongside or independently of Visual Clinic. This software offers a seamless hand-off from optometrist to optician, ensuring optical staff has all of the patient’s relevant information without adding time to the exam flow.

As soon as patients enter your dispensary, your opticians will already have all of the necessary details they need to make the most informed suggestions on eyewear, lenses, and eye care products. Your patient will experience more personalized care, and your practice will experience an increase in optical revenue.

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Safe Visits is a new practice management tool designed to help your practice comply with new post-COVID-19 protocols for social distancing and infection control as you resume patient care operations. The software can function as a standalone product or can work in conjunction with our flagship Visual Clinic solution. Safe Visits is ideal for a wide range of medical clinics providing diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive outpatient services, such as family medicine, sports medicine, urgent care, chiropractor, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, eye care and skin care clinics.


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