Total Capture: The Next Level of Optical Operations

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What is Total Capture?

Total Capture makes your sales team more effective in providing world-class customer service. Our software is able to update your sales team in real time whenever a new sales opportunity becomes available, whether the patient is coming from the clinic or walking in directly to your boutique.
This easy to use program can simplify the hand-off from Doctor to Optician, increase your optical Rx capture rates, and provide valuable insight on how to resource your operation for maximum profitability.

Every practice has higher potential. Visual Clinic has the tools to capture it.

How Does Total Capture Work?

Total capture is a simplified way to manage multiple patients waiting to see an optician. When a patient has been referred to an optician from the clinic, they will appear on the screen with a “waiting for optician” status. Visual Clinic combines these referred patients with any walk-ins and with any other scheduled optical appointments. By combining all 3 patient groups, you can manage every patient waiting to see an optician. 

When an optician becomes available, they can claim the patient and begin to provide them with services by simply clicking the patient’s name on the screen. Once the appointment is complete, clicking on the patient’s name again will produce a list of options to report what was done for the patient that day. 

Throughout the process, you are able to record everything from the patient’s entire visit, providing valuable data. This data can then be compiled into detailed reports to show performance of the optical team. With these reports, your practice can create best practices and build a path to greater success.  

How Will Total Capture Help Me?

  • Track success and team performance
  • Shorten wait times
  • Improve patient experience
  • Increase optical sales and revenue
  • Foster team cohesion
  • Facilitate patient loyalty

Why We Love Total Capture

Ensure Consistent
World Class Customer Service

Increase Optical Revenue and
Sales from Clinic

Track Team Success and
Performance with KPIs

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