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What Is Visual Clinic?

Visual Clinic is a unique software designed specifically for optometrist and ophthalmologist practices. With an easy-to-use interface and easy-to-read screens, our software ensures your practice runs at peak efficiency, giving your patients a better experience, making the most of your practice’s resources, and keeping costs low while optimizing revenue.

We will help you reduce patient wait times, streamline your exam flow, and track performance in real-time. Visual Clinic empowers your practice to grow organically by making the most of your time and improving overall patient satisfaction.

Every practice has higher potential. Visual Clinic has the tools to capture it.

How Does Visual Clinic Work?

Visual Clinic uses a series of intuitive interactive screens to organize and track your patient flow. There’s no need to change your processes; we will set up the system to match your existing practice workflow and layout.

The process starts when the patient checks in for their appointment. The Visual Clinic system will alert your team to the new arrival and designate the appropriate examination room. As the patient goes through the exam flow, Visual Clinic tracks that patient’s location and needs in real-time, ensuring they are never forgotten about or left waiting.

When the time comes, the Visual Clinic software will guide your available team members to the next ready patient, which helps prevent miscommunication or procedural hang-ups from occurring.

How Will Visual Clinic Help Me?

  • Reduce bottlenecks, delays, and patient wait time by 15% on average
  • Improves operating time efficiency with custom-tailored program
  • Logical & conditional patient queuing
  • Increase capacity & service demand by 10% on average
  • Make more cost-effective use of clinic resources

Why We Love Visual Clinic

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