Optimizing Your Optical Operations

Total Capture is a browser based optical management software, designed to provide a complete visual representation of your operations. This software is capable of tracking the status of patients from start to finish once they are in your building and display that information in real-time for all of the clinic to see through the browser screen. This screen is able to give the user ‘air traffic control’ over everything that is happening within the clinic. We  use this data and compile it into reports that show your clinic a precise calculation of the level of performance being achieved. Our goal is to support your optical team with this powerful process improvement tool to enable growth and greater success.

Effective and Efficient Communication

When a patient walks in they are able to be immediately entered into the Total Capture system through a basic information form. This patient entry form includes options for their visit reason such as adjustments/repairs, dispenses, shopping, and other along with a notes field for any additional information needed. When the form is submitted they are entered into the queue and opticians see who and what they are supposed to take care off before moving from their station. This indirect communication is able to get everyone instantly on the same page without the effort it would take to do so by word of mouth.

Doctor to Optician Hand-offs

One of the greatest difficulties of trying to grow a practice is how to achieve more with the same amount of finite resources a manager can utilize. Pair this issue with the increased competition from cheap online vendors and wholesalers and letting fresh patient prescriptions slip out the door is painful to endure. With these types of patients being to most likely to purchase something from your optical shop it is crucial to not let these opportunities go to waste. Total Capture is able to call an optician into the exam room in order to meet with the patient face to face before being brought over to an optical station.

Opticians have to be skilled salespeople as they have to transition a patient that is being provided a service, to a client who is being offered a product they will need to purchase. Total Capture is able to support this process through Doctor to Optician handoffs happening in the Doctor’s exam room. A key to this being successful is the patient feeling comfortable when this transition is taking place. The exam room provides an environment where the doctor is able to introduce the patient to the optician, freely communicate the patient’s current status, and make recommendations so the patient maintains the same level of trust with the optician as they did with their doctor. These handoffs ensure the patient is receiving the best care possible as well as proving the opticians with greater sales opportunities.