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Press Release: Visual Clinic’s Patient Flow Management Solution Helps Eye Care Clinics Operate at Peak Efficiency in a Post-COVID-19 Environment

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Visual Clinic offers a revolutionary patient flow and operational productivity solution designed specifically to help eye care clinics achieve excellence in patient flow. The software helps practices run at peak efficiency, improving the patient experience, maximizing practice resources, and keeping overhead costs low while optimizing revenue. Additionally, through its innovative Safe VisitsTM module, Visual Clinic provides a streamlined care process that helps eye care clinics get back to volume care safely and efficiently by guiding  patients and staff through appointments in the post-COVID-19 environment.

Ideal for optometry and ophthalmology practices, Visual Clinic is a unique subscription-based software that integrates with practice management and electronic health record (EHR) systems. Visual Clinic’s real-time patient flow solution links and coordinates each step in the patient process so that caregivers can make the best possible use of time and resources. Smooth patient flow reduces operating costs, employee turnover and other expenditures. In addition, more efficient performance means that practices can accommodate more patients in the same amount of time – the key to generating higher revenue, without sacrificing quality of care or employee satisfaction. Visual Clinic is easy to implement and is fully adaptable to all medical specialties, clinic sizes and modes of operation.

Visual Clinic President Dennis McCafferty said, “Visual Clinic empowers your practice to grow organically by making the most of your time and improving overall patient satisfaction. It reduces patient wait times, streamlines exam flow, and tracks performance in real-time. Every practice has higher potential – and Visual Clinic has the tools to capture it.”

How Visual Clinic works

Visual Clinic uses a series of intuitive interactive screens positioned throughout the practice to organize and track patient flow. There is no need to change processes, as the system can be incorporated into existing practice workflows and layouts of all sizes.

The process begins when the patient checks in for their appointment. The Visual Clinic system alerts staff to the new arrival and designates the appropriate examination room. As the patient goes through the exam flow, Visual Clinic tracks the patient’s location and needs in real-time, ensuring they are never forgotten about or left waiting. When the time comes, the Visual Clinic software will guide available team members to the next patient, which helps prevent miscommunication or procedural hang-ups from occurring.

Visual Clinic then develops business analytic reports that provide practices with the data needed for continuous process improvement and return on investment. The software is browser-based, allowing practices with multiple clinic locations to have operational visibility and analytics for all sites.

“Visual Clinic has been able to positively impact all workflow areas of our clinic,” said Dr. Charles Collins, Eye Care for Rhode Island. “Using Visual Clinic allowed us to focus on the processes, determine the best ‘standard work,’ and figure out where there were outliers. It has helped us to further optimize these processes and focus on clinical problems, which has been a huge release for our doctors. We are seeing more patients and are more relaxed while doing so.”

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About Visual Clinic

Visual Clinic helps medical clinics to increase patient volume and improve the patient experience through the use of process data, analytics and modern workflow solutions. The software provides real-time patient flow visualization and patient queueing. Combined with staff-to-staff communication about patient needs, Visual Clinic creates a tightly connected and more responsive care team. Through meaningful data collection, practices learn how to adjust workflows, scheduling and resourcing to achieve continuous improvement. The cloud-based, electronic health record (EHR) integrated platform scales in a manner that supports small practices at a low variable cost, as well as large multi-site practices that have enterprise level management needs. To learn more, please visit

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Written by Dennis McCafferty

Dennis is a founding member and the president of Visual Clinic, LLC. He has over 25 years of senior management experience in various healthcare and manufacturing companies. Most recently, he was the Executive Director for the Family Eye Care Center in Westford, MA (2006 to 2011). Before 2006, Dennis held senior roles in engineering, operations, sales, and marketing at General Motors, TEXTRON, General Electric, and Collins & Aikman.
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