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Webinar: How to Ramp Back Up to Volume Care Safely and Efficiently

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As eye care clinics are re-opening in this post-COVID-19 environment, procedures must be put into place that comply with social distancing norms and stringent room cleaning protocols to help mitigate the spread of the virus. These new protocols and workflow, however, have to be streamlined or they will lead to major bottlenecks, excess costs and a poor financial picture for the practice. 

Watch this webinar hosted by Compulink to learn how your practice can see patients safely and efficiently as you resume patient care operations. Presenter, Dennis McCafferty, MBA, COE, SSBB, and President of Visual Clinic, discusses efficient methods to help ensure proper social distancing, admissions screening and room cleaning, as well as expedited rooming to avoid unnecessary delays and minimize total visit and exposure time in the clinic.


Written by Dennis McCafferty

Dennis is a founding member and the president of Visual Clinic, LLC. He has over 25 years of senior management experience in various healthcare and manufacturing companies. Most recently, he was the Executive Director for the Family Eye Care Center in Westford, MA (2006 to 2011). Before 2006, Dennis held senior roles in engineering, operations, sales, and marketing at General Motors, TEXTRON, General Electric, and Collins & Aikman.
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