Why Visual Clinic: Eliminate Patient Flow Friction

Patient flow logistics can become overwhelming. Flow friction can directly lead to long wait times, upsetting patients, frustrating staff, and hurting your bottom line. We understand because we’ve been in the trenches with doctors and administrators for decades. That’s why we developed Visual Clinic.

Our proprietary software-based system works seamlessly with your patient management system to help your staff create the best patient flow possible. Visual Clinic handles all the logistics and creates clear visuals to optimize patient and provider flow and use of available practice resources such as staff, exam rooms, and testing equipment. Through powerful visual management displays, smart patient queuing, and staff alerts, practices now achieve unprecedented workflow coordination and efficiency.

Visual Clinic immediately begins improving productivity, expanding practice capacity, and enhancing patient, provider, and staff satisfaction.

We create precise intuitive, interactive screens of your practice facility layout and patient workflow. These screens track the location, progress, and needs of every patient. Visual Clinic shows the caregiver what rooms or equipment are available and where to take the patient.

From the patient’s initial check-in at the front desk, handoffs are effortlessly communicated with a simple swipe of your finger. This simple action alerts the team that the patient is ready to proceed to the next exam step.

After the patient has been seen by the provider, simply touch the screen to indicate the patient exam is complete then enter the room of the next prioritized patient.

With each patient encounter, Visual Clinic captures data to improve patient workflow and physician scheduling and utilization of available staff and practice resources.

Ways Visual Clinic can help your practice:

  • Reduce bottlenecks, delays, and patient wait time by an average of 15%
  • Make better use of operating time with custom-tailored program logic and conditional patient queuing
  • Increase capacity and sustain a demand for services by an average of 10%
  • Avoid scheduling errors or redundancies with a synchronized patient workflow display
  • Save on operating costs through more effective use of clinic resources
  • Improve patient satisfaction and overall quality of care
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity with efficient time and performance management

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