Why Visual Clinic

Discover the many ways in which Visual Clinic®️ can improve performance and profitability in your clinic.

Improve the Patient Experience
Your patients want high-quality care, when they need it, without long wait times. Streamline your operational flow for a better patient experience.

Increase Clinic Capacity with Existing Resources
Adding resources is expensive. Unclog bottlenecks to increase capacity and satisfy growing demand for eye care services without adding staff or exam rooms.

Increase Optical Rx Sales
Increase the capture rate of optical retail sales opportunities to financially offset declining medical services reimbursement rates and inflationary operating costs.

Maximize Ophthalmic Technician Performance
Ophthalmic technicians are a critical resource in the highly delegated eye care service environment. Make sure they are working at peak capacity and performance.

Optimize Scheduling and Resourcing
Optimize schedule templates and resource allocations to match each doctor’s practice patterns and inherent pace to streamline your clinic’s workflow.

Ready to transform your practice with Visual Clinic?